CannX 2018 - AGR: Advanced Agriculture and Production

AGR: Advanced Agriculture and Production

Growers, producers and suppliers need to stay ahead of competition as the world supply chain develops: 

  • How can agronomists and producers maintain profitability? 

  • What are the latest technologies and techniques that cut costs and enhance productivity?   

CannX will feature new technology, systems and solutions designed to help farmers succeed.

Plenary sessions will include:

  • News about Local and Global Regulations
    Export-Import Policies: How can we encourage international trade when policies differs between countries?

  • Medical Cannabis: Medicine, Law and Ethics

Advanced Agriculture and Production Track

Recent Trends in Cannabis Cultivation

  • Cultivation facilities

  • Grow media

  • Technologies: Dehumidifier, Lightning, Irrigation

    Meir Koren
    President and CEO at Elite Energy Group Ltd.; Founder Oricann, Israel

Post-Harvest - The Key to Success

  • Drying flower

  • Trimming cannabis

  • Curing: Maturation, aging, mold

  • Storage & Packaging

Plant Safety

  • Viruses

  • Molds treatment

  • Biological pesticide

Quality Control, Cannabis Testing, and Analytics

  • Regulation

  • Cost

  • Efficiency

  • Reliability

  • Analythics technologies Hplc vs optic 

A Closer Look at Cannabis Quality Control Testing
Joshua Crossney
CSC Events, LLC. & jCanna, Inc., USA

Agro- Tech -  Creating a controlled environment for improved product and yield

Agri Hi-Tech for Standardization
Nirit Bernstein
Plant Physiology and nutrition Institute of Soil Water and Environmental Sciences, Volcani Center, Israel 

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation for Research and Development
Autumn Karcey
President,  Cultivo  inc., USA