CannX 2018 - BIZ: New Technologies, New Opportunities

BIZ: New Technologies, New Opportunities

Investors, lawyers, accountant and entrepreneurs will want to attend fascinating sessions covering everything medical cannabis:

  • Where is the business going? 

  • How is regulation affecting local and global markets?

  • Where are the opportunities and pitfalls?

If you plan to be a leader in this industry, you must attend CannX.

Plenary sessions will include:

  • News about Local and Global Regulations
    Export-Import Policies: How can we encourage international trade when policies differs between countries?

  • Medical Cannabis: Medicine, Law and Ethics

  • Ways to Break Through Blocked Clinical Trials

Who Should Pay for Clinical Research? Governments? Medical Centers? The Pharmaceutical Industry? Private Investors?

  • One-on-One: 2 Leading Researchers in Conversation on the Future of Medical Cannabis

    Prof. Ralpf Mechoulam
    Institute for Drug Reserach, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

    Prof. Donald Abrams MD
    Department of Medicine, University of California, USA

New Technologies, New Opportunities Track

 New forms of medical cannabis products- enhancing delivery and efficacy

  • New forms of cannabis products

  • Innovative ways of delivery - Vaporizers

  • New cannabis based technologies from Israel and around the world

Maximizing and Understanding the Benefits of Proprietary Delivery Technologies for Increasing Bioavailability of Cannabinoid Molecules
Rob Davidson
CEO& Cure Pharmaceutical Corp., USA

Intelligent investing in Cannabis – Where, What and With who?

Will the Hemp Industry Take Over?

  • Local and global economic overview: USA, Europe, Latin America and Israel

  • Regulations

  • Potential Revenues from Hemp and CBD

​From Farm to Patient - an Ecosystem Solution

  • The Future of Cannabis E-Commerce

  • Personalized application of cannabis medicine

  • B2C – The challenges faced by pharmacies in meeting with the patient

  • B2B – Storage, transport and security solutions

The Medical Cannabis market in Canada post -legalization

 Joshua Brainin Alper, Managing Director Cann10 North America; CEO, Blue Diamond Ventures Inc., USA

Roey Fishman
COO & Co-Founder, Carmel Cannabis Group, Canada

​Workshop: Quality Assessments of Cannabis Products - Methods and Technologies