Program tracks

Program tracks

​The scientific program include three key areas of specialization and interest: 

SCI: Innovations in Science and Medicine

Follow this track and explore the latest scientific and clinical research.

Benefit from it if you are: 

✓  Scientific Researcher

✓  Medical Practitioner

✓  Medical Cannabis Organization 

BIZ: New Technologies, New Opportunities

Follow this track and get insight to the latest technologies and business opportunities in medical cannabis.

Benefit from it if you are: 

✓  Investor & Analyst

✓ Consultant

✓  Lawyer & Accountant

✓  “Start-up” (& those looking to be)

✓  Journalist

AGR: Advanced Agriculture and Production 

Follow this track and be up-to-date with the new agricultural practices and innovation.

Benefit from it if you are: 

✓  Cannabis Growers

✓ Medical Cannabis Producers

✓  Plant breeders

✓ Agronomists

Our BIZ and AGR tracks are good for you if you are supplier in any of the fields: 

✓  Water Technology

✓  Transport & Logistics

✓  Equipment, Seed, Lighting, Soil Nutrient, Security Suppliers